VA61-box-leftFantasy Flight Games’ amazing array of boardgames and card games gets another title, as it announces Gearworld: The Borderlands, a post-apocalyptic boardgame for two to four players.


The game of “negotiation, conquest and construction” is supposed to be a reimagined version of an older boardgame, “Borderlands”. It looks like another resource-based boardgame with the obligatory slew of miniatures, and fancy tokens, played over a neat mapboard.


In the announcement, there’s mention of the construction of “Skyworks”, best online casino which seems to be a key premise of Gearworld. It reminds me of a steampunk version of a Western, a la Deadlands. Well, hold on your horses peeps cos this one’s riding to a local gamestore by the third quarter of this year. Yee-hah!


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