I HAVE something on my mind and it has been bugging me for weeks. I thought that by ignoring the question, it would go away…

but no, it is still in the back of my head waiting to be answered.

Well, here is the oh-so-important question: Team Christina Aguilera or Team Lady Gaga?

I’m sorry if you thought that it was an issue that could help solve world hunger, but this question holds equal (okay fine, waaaay less) importance to me as the former does.

You see, I’m a big, big fan of Christina and though I would rather not admit it, I also kinda happen to like Lady Gaga (there, I said it). Yes, she dresses like a freakshow on drugs, but so did Christina during her pre-Back To Basics days. Remember what a hot mess she was during her big-haired, Medusa-inspired period? Ugh.

Anyway, this whole Christina-copying-Gaga’s-looks-and-sound circus (no thanks to gossip blogs such as Perez Hilton and TMZ) has been brewing for quite sometime now and as an observer, I thought that I should put in my two sen worth.

I had spent the whole weekend listening to Christina’s latest album Bionic and was thinking how unfortunate it is that people have forgotten this pint-sized singer’s mega-sized talent. People would rather focus on ‘Who was the freak first: Christina or Gaga?” rather than congratulating these singers on their success.

Christina is a poor thing. Really. Throughout her young career, she has always been compared to one artiste or another and has never been given the chance to shine. She has amazing vocal talents and gorgeous face but somehow, she’s always overshadow by her peers.

When Christina first burst into the music scene in the late 1990s, she was labelled as a ”Britney Spears wannabe”.

You might think that the comparisons will end for Christina now, even after she has proven that she’s capable of staying in the game for over 15 years.

And throughout those years, Christina has shown us her crazy, wild, vulnerable, sexual, freaky, innocent and talented side. When people her age were putting on nice outfits for video clips, she brought out the freak in her for videos like Fighter and wasn’t shy to bring her wacky attitude to life in outfits, on stage and award shows.

She embraced her sexuality and wasn’t afraid to tell the world that every Sunday, she and her music producer husband Jordan Bratman cook lunch … naked. Ermm, TMI, I know, but it just shows that Christina doesn’t care what the world thinks of her. She sang and acted the way she wanted and didn’t give two hoots about what others said.


Then she took a four-year break to work on Bionic (which is absolutely amazing FYI)

This was the period when Lady Gaga swooped in to claim everything freaky and eccentric, as hers. Lady Gaga put on even freakier costumes, set up outrageous video clips and orchestrated stage performances that were beyond comprehension and the world started to forget about Christina.

Honestly, I kind of forgot about her as well. Sorry X.

Currently, it’s all Gaga-this, Gaga-that in the entertainment world and Christina is clawing her way back into the spotlight again. However, if her 15-year track record has taught us anything, it’s that Christina is a fighter and you can’t hold her down.

Sharm says: Hmm, if Lady Gaga is the freak show court jester, then Christina is definitely the queen enjoying the show from the throne. Team Christina FTW.

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