The Game of Thrones TV series is possibly one of the hottest properties in recent times. The merchandising of the franchise has also been, predictably, on the up and up.


Fantasy Flight Games already makes a Living Card Game (LCG), and I was always wondering when they would do something that would tie in directly with the TV series, rather than just continue doing the former (which relies on artwork rather TV imagery)?


Well, looks like they’re finally doing something with those familiar faces and what-not, as FFG’s Game of Thrones: The Card Game will be a standalone product that features not only the faces and photos of the actors you’re probably so familiar with already, but also be a slightly dumbed-down product compared to their original LCG.


The product sounds simple enough: a boxed set of two fifty-card decks which are fixed. Each player strives to win challenges that are roughly divided into Power, Military and Intrigue. First one to gain fifteen Power, wins!


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