Fantasy Flight Games just announced the long-anticipated (well, I did anticipate it for a long time, so there) expansion to Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game. Sudden Death will introduce the Undead, the Vampires and the Dark Elves as three new races, plus a slew of new stuff for them, and the original game.


Most interestingly, the three new races do not sit within the existing “evil” affiliation (CWC), and instead will belong to its own Dark Sorcery Syndicate (the DSS) affiliation instead.


To be honest, this first announcement is pretty scant on info, and has only hinted that the Undead team for instance, has the ability to resurrect players. There are Bloodlust tokens for the Vampires – wonder what these will do?


And finally, fans of the original BB Team Manager game will be thrilled to know that your Skaven, Chaos, Orc, Human, Dwarven and Wood Elf teams will be receiving fresh Team Upgrades. There will also be new Staff Upgrades, Highlights and Tournament cards, to go along with the new teams.


Well, let’s see what FFG reveals in the coming weeks then for this late 2012 release!


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