The Undead, Dark Elves and Vamps check in

Fantasy Flight Games’ Sudden Death expansion for the Blood Bowl Team Manager Card Game is finally here. It’s pretty much available in most of your neighborhood gaming and specialty stores (I picked up mine from Comics Corner in Damansara Jaya).   The three new teams – Undead, Dark Elves and Vampires – come with new […]

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Sudden Death is kicking off soon

I’ve a confession to make: I’m a bit of a Blood Bowl Team Manager Card Game nutter since the game made its debut back in late 2011. Heck, I managed to persuade the local gaming group to do a “league” throughout much of 2012, culminating in a number of “dream teams” and custom/homebrew Star Player […]

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Time for Sudden Death

Fantasy Flight Games just announced the long-anticipated (well, I did anticipate it for a long time, so there) expansion to Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game. Sudden Death will introduce the Undead, the Vampires and the Dark Elves as three new races, plus a slew of new stuff for them, and the original […]

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Overrated games?

So how many boardgames have you bought, that ended up seeing very little play in your gaming group?   What were those games?   When I see a list such as this on, I’m reminded of the diverse and really rich options we have, gaming-wise, and how hype can cripple promising titles.   In […]

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Horror goodies

October is my favourite month because that’s when I try to cover as much Halloween gaming as possible. After all, Oct 31 only happens once a year, and what better way to celebrate it by playing a bunch of good horror-themed games? This year’s Halloween-themed picks were not too hard to piece together, as a […]

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Blood Bowl Card Game this weekend!

Some weeks ago I blogged about the new Fantasy Flight Games (FFG in short) Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game. You might, at this point of time, groan and go, no, not another card game! Well, fear not my bloodthirsty Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Wood Elves, Chaotic fellas and Rat, err, Skavens, for the […]

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