Player-Fan-04-SPsFantasy Flight Games’ Sudden Death expansion for the Blood Bowl Team Manager Card Game is finally here. It’s pretty much available in most of your neighborhood gaming and specialty stores (I picked up mine from Comics Corner in Damansara Jaya).


The three new teams – Undead, Dark Elves and Vampires – come with new spiffy abilities such as Regeneration and Always Hungry. We also get Enchanted Balls, which give random bonuses to players who manage to control those damned things.


Player-Jibber and JabberEach team contributes five all-new Star Players of their respective races. It’ll be interesting to see how these new Dark Sorcery Syndicate (DSS) affiliation teams stack up against the base game’s Chaos Wastes Confederation (CWC) and Old World Association (OWA) teams. What happens when Skaven meets Vampire? Will the Dwarves have it in them to hold off the shambling Undead?


Well, the new teams mean that it’s time for my budding BBTMCG Damansara League to kick off a new season. Let’s see who’ll be the top touchdown-er/Star Player eh?


So what do you think of the expansion? Do tweet me at or leave me feedback below.

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