aragornI have to say once again that deck-building games (and card-based “boardgames”) are just too plain awesome to indulge in. There’s nothing better than a card game for a bunch of guys, played in around one hour. Yes the depth might be lacking, but I do not miss my TCGs at all, no sir!


Cryptozoic has been on a DBG-overdrive, as they seem to have scooped up a bunch of interesting franchise adaptations. Their DC Comics DBG is a simple yet solid winner in my group – the artwork’s too superb and it’s really fun – so their Lord of the Rings (LOTR) DBG had me wetting myself waiting for it.


Okay, so it’s still not here yet. Just when I had nearly forgotten about it, I caught sight of a news update on the game several days back. It seems that in the United States at least, the LOTR DBG has a March 28 release date. Let’s see when it actually makes it to Malaysia eh?


nazgulThe gaming company is also slated to release another LOTR-based card game – this one a TCG – The Hobbit Expandable Card Game. Now, apparently it will have themed decks, and similar card backs with a bunch of games that will all come under the Middle Earth Expandable Card Game line.


No further info on this TCG at this point of time I’m afraid, though I have to admit that I’m rather curious. The last TCG proper for the LOTR franchise was Decipher Inc’s, which is still surviving in very niche gaming circles abroad (despite being completely out of production). How long will this one fare I wonder? Will it also feature loads of wonderful film footage across the various movies?


Most importantly, how long have we got to wait for this game?


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