Black riders

I’m a big Lord of the Rings (LOTR) fan, and being a card game and boardgame nutter, have played several games based on the awesome franchise.   My first ever Cards & Boards print column story was on the LOTR RISK boardgame. The LOTR TCG (Trading Card Game) by Decipher was one of my most […]

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Where is thy One Ring?

I have to say once again that deck-building games (and card-based “boardgames”) are just too plain awesome to indulge in. There’s nothing better than a card game for a bunch of guys, played in around one hour. Yes the depth might be lacking, but I do not miss my TCGs at all, no sir!   […]

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There and back again (redux)

So I recently blogged about how I’m trying to revive the pretty-defunct LOTR TCG, which was made by Decipher Inc. And the initial results are promising, with several Fellowships and Shadow forces coming into intense skirmishing over the past week and a half!   In a nutshell, the game has everyone fielding their preferred Fellowships, […]

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There and back again

Yesterday I blogged about the LOTR Deck-Building Game (DBG). DBGs by the way have been picking up in momentum, especially in the last few months, with some big name franchises making the simple yet fun “cardboard” transition.   Wait a minute, a card game about Lord of the Rings? Now where did I hear that […]

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Relive those Lord of the Rings moments

Has everyone caught The Hobbit yet? Well, I have, and I have to say that while it was a decent movie, I’m still more of a Lord of the Rings fan (yes, that earlier trilogy).   Looks like Cryptozoic made the smart move to cash in on all things Middle Earth, with an LOTR game, […]

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Return to Middle Earth

Late last year, I blogged about how Fantasy Flight Games was releasing an LCG (Living Card Game in full) based on the Lord of the Rings franchise.

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