So I recently blogged about how I’m trying to revive the pretty-defunct LOTR TCG, which was made by Decipher Inc. And the initial results are promising, with several Fellowships and Shadow forces coming into intense skirmishing over the past week and a half!


In a nutshell, the game has everyone fielding their preferred Fellowships, consisting of Companions (the main and supporting characters of LOTR, such as Aragorn, Eowyn and Gandalf) who attempt to escort the Ringbearer (Frodo), who’s bearing the One Ring across the various sites of Middle Earth.


Mechanically speaking, the LOTR TCG has players guiding his or her Fellowship across nine site cards. And each opponent – the game is easily playable by more than two players – has the chance to spring their respective Shadow, or villainous cards against the various good folk.


There are swords, sorcery, Nazgul, Orcs, Elves and more. The fact that the LOTR TCG has actual, touched-up high-resolution imagery from the movies make the cards a dream. Amazing stuff, I must say.


The gameplay is gripping enough, though those who are not used to TCGs might struggle to grasp the rules. I found that learning from someone who’s experienced it, is optimal, else the first two or three games can be pretty heavy going.


So far, the Rohirrim seem to have been more consistent, though I have to concede the point about the player wielding it, being able to have the right supporting cards in play, early enough. The main force of Eowyn, Eomer and Theoden, backed up by a bunch of more generic Riders of Rohan (the common “red-shirt” types), always end up wearing enough armor, weapons and steeds, and eventually being able to overwhelm almost all the fattest minions around.


Well, looks like I’ll be hoping to take my Gondor deck for another few spins in the coming long weekends. The motley assortment of Aragorn and Boromir seem rather underpowered, and easily overwhelmed, in the face of some very fierce Uruk-Hai and Nazgul. Then again, the insufficient equipment might have accounted for their lack of survivability!


Meanwhile, I found this great blog, The Lord of the Rings TCG Blog which has tons of introductory info on the game. Started last year, it even features dream cards from the recent The Hobbit movie! Enjoy!


Does anyone still play, and would like to sound off below? Have something to say? Do tweet me at or leave me feedback below.

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