Phew, it’s been a crazy week, month, and everything, but aren’t we glad there’s still some holidays left?


Well, at least I know what some of us can do during the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays – play boardgames! Better yet, play brand new ones!


Subang Jaya-based Meeples Café has just gotten across a brand new list of boardgames arriving early February (assuming all goes to plan of course), and boy is there loads of new stuff!


There’s plenty of Fantasy Flight Games stuff – Legends of Andor, a new Data Pack (expansion) for the Android: NetRunner Living Card Game, Trace Amount, and even the hotly-anticipated Star Wars: Living Card Game!


Other highlights include Clash of Cultures, Star Trek Catan, and Suburbia. Well, for more information on how to get them, check out their Facebook page here.


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