I’ve a confession to make: I’m a bit of a Blood Bowl Team Manager Card Game nutter since the game made its debut back in late 2011. Heck, I managed to persuade the local gaming group to do a “league” throughout much of 2012, culminating in a number of “dream teams” and custom/homebrew Star Player cards.


Well, Fantasy Flight Games always have “sequels”, even the most obscure deck-building type of card games, and Blood Bowl was no exception. After more than one year plus of waiting, FFG finally sneaks in a preview, on the Undead team, after dropping an initial teaser way back in August 2012.


Goodness knows what caused the delay, but I suspect the Star Wars LCG might have a hand in things. No matter: this preview has given a ton out, in terms of the new Undead ball-kickers, and their Star Players.


At first glance, they look very strong. Not only do these bunch have fancy abilities like Regeneration (when downed, they have a chance to stand up again on a successful roll of an X), but they even have skills when they are downed. Yup, Mumma Hotep tackles players back, after you down the mummy – oh man, can’t wait for the rest of the Star Players to show up!


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