DC Comics Deck-Building Game expansion?

I had a blast with the DC Comics Deck-Building Game when it rolled in early this year. Well, to be honest I haven’t played DBGs up till that point, so the cool art and simple mechanics of the DC Comics game just kind of blew me and the playing group out of the water.   […]

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Lord of the Rings DBG, Castle Card Game, Walking Dead Card Game

Finally: the long-awaited Lord of the Rings Deck Building Game, The Walking Dead Card Game and the Castle: The Detective Card Game should be clocking in here during the coming month of May.   This bunch of Cryptozoic games are long-awaited, and will finally make it here, reliable sources tell me. The LOTR game is […]

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Where is thy One Ring?

I have to say once again that deck-building games (and card-based “boardgames”) are just too plain awesome to indulge in. There’s nothing better than a card game for a bunch of guys, played in around one hour. Yes the depth might be lacking, but I do not miss my TCGs at all, no sir!   […]

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Relive those Lord of the Rings moments

Has everyone caught The Hobbit yet? Well, I have, and I have to say that while it was a decent movie, I’m still more of a Lord of the Rings fan (yes, that earlier trilogy).   Looks like Cryptozoic made the smart move to cash in on all things Middle Earth, with an LOTR game, […]

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DC Comics Deck-Building Game – First Impressions

My previous blog post focused on the new(ish) Legendary – Marvel Deck-Building Game (DBG), by Upper Deck Entertainment. I had mentioned that while the game was solid, the artwork left a lot to be desired (subjective call by yours truly I know, but I was sorely disappointed after having seen some really awesome Marvel comicbook […]

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Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game – First Impressions

Upper Deck Entertainment’s Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game (DBG) is now out and available here in Malaysia, and yours truly was lucky enough to score a review copy courtesy of Meeples! Deck-building games are the new force de rigueur these days, competing for gamer attention alongside boardgames, living card games (LCGs) and trading card games […]

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Marvel at the Legendary!

Being a regular visitor to the website, which is a leading resource of all the latest boardgames, card games and its ilk, I chanced upon a seemingly new Marvel Comics deck-building game (DBG), Legendary: A Marvel DBG by Upper Deck Entertainment.   Slated for a November 2012 release, I haven’t seen or heard of […]

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