Being a regular visitor to the website, which is a leading resource of all the latest boardgames, card games and its ilk, I chanced upon a seemingly new Marvel Comics deck-building game (DBG), Legendary: A Marvel DBG by Upper Deck Entertainment.


Slated for a November 2012 release, I haven’t seen or heard of it yet being available here yet, but have started checking with a bunch of local retailers to see if anyone has any leads.


A DBG is a “reduced” trading card game, as an introductory, self-contained set is supplemented by regular, non-random assortments or expansions. You won’t need to buy your cards randomly a la TCGs, but the recurring expansions that help freshen gameplay, will still be pretty much a requisite.


DBGs also usually encourage players to “level up” or upgrade their way to victory, using the set’s cards. Think of it as a card-based boardgame, that gets a refresh every now and then.


Yes, while it does not seem as expensive as TCGs, expect the “expansions” bit to account for a fair amount of recurring purchasing. (I’m setting expectations right away, lest anyone be fooled in thinking that it’s “cheaper” than TCGs. It’s a fine line, since you could theoretically play TCGs on the cheap!)


Anyways, the inaugural set of Legendary looks set to be focused on both the Avengers as well as the X-Men (hooray!). The comicbook-style artwork has certainly won me over, and some game mechanics previews are available in the link above. Enjoy!


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