LAST Friday we spoke about the #iwasbullied campaign on our Red FM radio show, R.AGE On Red.
We had comedian Phoon Chi Ho join the show, sharing his own “#iwasbullied” experience and how he managed to cope with it.

One of our colleagues, StarMetro journalist Oh Ing Yeen, was also on the show, talking about an article she’s currently working on about bullying in the workplace. That will be out in StarTwo next Monday, so do look out for it.

But as usual, we took to Twitter before, during and after the show to get your thoughts on the subject. Here are just some of the tweets we received on the simple theme of “#iwasbullied”:

@joxckostas: #iwasbullied at competitive swimming training by getting kicked and shoved in the pool cos I couldn’t speak Chinese
@adamSanwar: I dunno, i felt bullied by others since I jumped from Std 3 to 5 (PTS). And it somehow still affects me. #iwasbullied
@Kyp_Lim: another relevant question for #iwasbullied: when does friendly teasing stop and bullying start?
@jfkjohan: #iwasbullied cc @fiqrieisnowred. Much thought is put into effects & punishment but we should also focus on reasons behind the cause.
@uchiakebanashi: I never thought that #iwasbullied in any part of my life until someone pointed it out to me. Maybe I was too positive a person
@paperpetals_x: #iwasbullied once till i couldn’t stop crying & had an asthma attack 🙁
@LissaLai: #iwasbullied from Std 1-6 because of my surname, and once in a while this year over the same thing
@peaanutbutterr: #iwasbullied in Form 1 for something I didn’t do & a classmate made everyone in class hate me for it so I had no friends
@JaredLe3: #iwasbullied in Form 3. A classmate took money from me by force. Another case: my best friend stole my wallet.
@TeasinTakoyaki_: #IWasBullied in Primary school. Wasn’t easy but it taught me to be strong. What doesn’t kill u makes u stronger =)
@jasminefilza: #iwasbullied since I was in kindergarten right up to Form 3. Was it fun? No. But it made me who I am today.
@bonzaimy: #iwasbullied at the workplace. The oldies always told me 2 do their work n scolded me 4 no reason. Mentally abused for 3 yrs.
@MIKIEMAU5: #Iwasbullied in primary school. Nothing physical, just name-callings. I’d go to the library during recess to avoid people, ha.
@mud_MJ: @thestar_rage #iwasbullied from Form 1 until Form 3. Every single year mesti kena belasah. Without reason. Didn’t report it. Made me tough.
@humzird: #iwasbullied in standard 1. Classmate kept bugging me to give her my lunch during recess & will pull my hair if I refused.
@munahara: My schoolmates once called me fat. It hurt me, to the extent I cut down my meals WHEN I WAS 12 #iwasbullied mentally.

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