So how many boardgames have you bought, that ended up seeing very little play in your gaming group?


What were those games?


When I see a list such as this on, I’m reminded of the diverse and really rich options we have, gaming-wise, and how hype can cripple promising titles.


In my group for example, trading card games (TCGs) have fallen down the pecking order, not only due to cost reasons (well, Magic: the Gathering booster packs did go up in price recently too), but primarily because of time.


With everyone having less and less time to customise decks, boardgames such as Blood Bowl: Team Manager Card Game become more bankable and agreeable to everyone.


But being cautious on games that market themselves as the “next  best thing”, we’ve not strayed very far off the beaten track, admittedly.


In the list above for instance, I have played Battleship Galaxies: The Saturn Offensive, for several weekends in a row. But there was little attachment to it, as the self-contained game ultimately did not have enough legs in it to carry on very far.


I was hoping for at least additional downloadable scenarios, more optional rules and what-not, but alas, Hasbro did not deliver in the end. Disappointing “end” to what had promising beginnings.


I don’t think Hasbro is the only gaming company guilty of this to be honest. My favorite gaming company Fantasy Flight Games has scores of different titles under its stable of games, but can only put out so many expansions per game. Some get neglected, while others continue to get strong support.


Unfortunately I’m still waiting for an official Blood Bowl Team Manager Card Game expansion. The wait proved to be too long, so, my own playgroup proceeded to make our own custom teams.


So, which games are overhyped? Why did they disappoint you?


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