Some weeks ago I blogged about the new Fantasy Flight Games (FFG in short) Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game.

You might, at this point of time, groan and go, no, not another card game! Well, fear not my bloodthirsty Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Wood Elves, Chaotic fellas and Rat, err, Skavens, for the game is a non-collectible one. Better yet, it is not even a Living Card Game, which makes this entirely self-contained, and very wallet-friendly.

Of course the cynics would note that the game might well have numerous expansions that introduce new teams, races and what-not, but let’s rejoice in the game being self-contained, and entirely playable on its own. Hoo-ah!

The awesome news is that local distributors should be having this mighty exciting looking game in the shops by this weekend.

Word has it that this game will retail for roughly RM135. Not too pricey, not too cheap either – I like!

Curious to see how the game works? Check out the FFG YouTube demo link embedded in its announcement article, here.

Well, all I can say is, this weekend can’t come soon enough!

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