Betrayal at House on the Hill

It’s Halloween month!

Okay so technically there’s no such thing as a “Halloween month”, but any gamer worth their salt would definitely be breaking out their favourite horror-themed games, as we inch towards the last day of the month.

For me, the fact that Wizards of the Coast’s iconic trading card game (TCG) Magic the Gathering (MTG in short) received a horror-themed expansion, Innistrad, has made this year’s Halloween super special.

An entire block of three expansions filled with horror-themed cards and mechanics? I’m so there man!

If you ask me about classic games, my favourite boardgame to play through the (hopefully dark and stormy) night would be Betrayal at House on the Hill.

The best part of this game is when one of the players turn evil, as per the chosen scenario, and starts going against everyone else. Everyone needs to band together at the start, and all of s sudden, everyone else needs to stick together and nail the bad guy / thing.

Last Night on Earth

I remember scenarios with banshees, poltergeists, and even a mummy, making this as a top choice for any Halloween party.

My third choice of a Halloween party game would be the smash hit Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game, by Flying Frog Productions. How can we not have a zombie game for this hallowed season?

The game is not only fast-paced and awfully easy to learn up, but has what IMHO is simply the highest production values, seen in any game. I used to think that the once-great Decipher Inc held the distinction as being the company that made the most slick-looking games (Star Wars CCG and the Lord of the Rings TCG), but Flying Frog kinda blew that long-held belief away in this 2007 of a monster hit.

It’s got zombies, cardboard-thin-cliched characters, shotguns and more zombies. It’s even got a soundtrack. The characters all had actors playing them, and the entire game uses their photos. Last Night on Earth better be the one game you have, especially when we get overrun by zombies, and you’ll have to lock yourselves up in the basement. It is seriously fun!

So, what’s your favourite game?

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