Awhile back I wrote about a standalone Fantasy Flight Games’ A Game of Thrones card game. Guess what, it’s finally here in Malaysia!


We’ve just received word from Imagine Games that the game is now in stock in selected local game stores, game cafes, and hobby stores, as well as Times Bookstores, Borders, and Kinokuniya. The suggested retail price is around RM115. Sweet!



On another note, yesterday I blogged about the Boardgame Depot hosting the Kessel Run sneak preview event, which can net winners and participants the cool X-Wing Miniatures Wave 2 Millennium Falcon, Slave 1, A-Wing or TIE Interceptors.


You won’t be able to buy these miniatures till their official release timeframe of February 2013, so yeah.


Turns out Imagine Games has clarified that there will be three other dates and locations apart from Boardgame Depot: 15 Dec in The Curve branch of Borders, 22 Dec in Toybox, Petaling Jaya and 30 Dec in the Spartan Games Arena.


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