MUCH has changed since singer-songwriter Nick Davis was first featured in R.AGE in 2008, but if there’s one thing that has stayed the same, it would be his passion for film and music.

Although, Davis admitted that he is more focused on music right now and that film has taken a temporary backseat in his life.

“Music took a fast lane for me, and all I can think of now is to write and play music,” said Davis, 26.
Davis released his first single, Lost In Time last year, which has received a fair bit of airplay on several local radio stations and the video received more than 10,000 views on YouTube.

Also the frontman of rock band Rosevelt (which he joined in 2009), Davis surprised his family and friends when he decided to do a course in performing arts, instead of music, a few years ago.

That’s because he simply didn’t want to turn what he loves most into “homework”. “As much as I love music, I love acting and theatre too,” he said.

He said that “if you love something, it never really leaves you” and that was true casino in Davis’ case as his very first musical piece was for a theatre production, for which he composed its sound track. That very piece was nominated for the Best Sound Design award at the Boh Cameronian Award 2008.

Davis eventually wanted to explore his talents further and decided to start a solo project. “Having to write my own music, which I love, is like entering a secret place where I can just create and do what I want,” he explained. “Working together with a band is a whole different experience, the process is completely different, not that it’s a bad thing.”

His music, which has post-rock and electronic elements, is often inspired by his life experiences, emotions, and specifically the people he meets.

“My music often involve people who I care about most. They make you open up to them, so a lot of feelings are involved. They have the ability to let you down or make your day.”

His latest single, a duet called Cover Me featuring his friend and fellow theatre actress Róisín, was released early this month, and he claimed that it’s his “proudest work so far.”

“This song is about being there for someone, somebody who cares and protects you,” he explained.

He added that what’s makes this song special is that he featured an individual who doesn’t sing professionally. “Róisín doesn’t usually sing, so to put her on the song is something very special. And I love her voice.”

Davis is currently working on his first EP, titled Little Rose, which is scheduled for its release later this year.

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