Journalist on the runway

Former BRAT Debrina Aliyah shares her experiences as fashion editor of T Qatar, and how BRATs played a role in her career.

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Storytelling for a living

R.AGE journalist Clarissa Say tells us how BRATs was the stepping stone to her career in journalism.

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Body artist turns people into works of art

For body artist Alexander Lee Seng Hoo, it’s Halloween all day, every day.

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The Malaysian comic artist who became a celebrity by drawing them

Pocotee Loh is one of Malaysia’s most successful comic artists, having made a name for herself drawing some of the world’s biggest movie stars.

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Radio alert

Red FM announcer, JayDee Lok has some tips for aspiring radio deejays.

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Take a bow | Violinist Ooi Khai Ern returns to Malaysia

Violinist Ooi Khai Ern believes that her job is to use music to help listeners connect, heal and think, and aspires to start a violin school for orphans.

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Singing in NYC

Irma Seleman talks about her music, debut album and crowdfunding, all happening in the city that never sleeps – New York.

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Riding the tube wave

TricycleTV was involved in one of 2014’s most viewed Malaysian YouTube videos, but it wasn’t an easy ride to the top.

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Hearts and craft

Pak Han Mei’s handmade food-shaped jewellery is so adorable, even the folks behind Parks and Recreation love it!

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Jumping on the bandwagon

Tycho has grown from a solo act to a full-fledged band, and they performed in Kuala Lumpur last week.

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