Get Personal: Norbaizura Abdul Ghani

Dancer Norbaizura Abdul Ghani had to train for an entire month, seven days a week and 14 hours a day for her classical Indian dance performance at the Selangor Young Talent Awards 2011.

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Get Personal: Chan Pui Yi

If there is one thing Chan Pui Yi loves to do more than anything, it has to be dancing. Play her some good music and Pui Yi would just dance circles around anyone. The 20-year old girl simply loves to move.

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Get Personal with Liyana Fizi

The wistful indie singer wishes all her fans and R.AGE readers Selamat Hari Raya!

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Get Personal: Yvonne Choo Shuen Lann

Who says science is boring? A teenager’s curiosity in chemistry is now taking her places.

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Get Personal: Oh Chentaku

Three boys got together to make music and little did they know that what started out as a hobby would soon turn into a serious musical endeavour.

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Get Personal: Fahmi Fadzil

MANY of you might know him as @Fahmi_Fadzil, the guy who gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “a thousand apologies”. Okay, so he only had to post a hundred apologies on Twitter to settle his defamation case with a publishing house, but with the untold ramifications of Twitterverse – and the small matter […]

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