By Sharmila Nair

THREE boys got together to make music and little did they know that what started out as a hobby would soon turn into a serious musical endeavour.

When Mior Luqman Hakim (Myo) and Mohd Naim Mohd Noor (Naem) started Oh Chentaku in 2007, they did not think that making and playing music would become a priority in their lives.

Four years later, Afiq Iskandar Zainal Ariffin (Amber) joined the band and this cemented their dreams of making it big in the local and international music scene.

“Oh Chentaku started out as a hardcore rock band. However, even though our music is different now, it still has our signature sound,” says lead vocalist Myo, 24.

The band has played over 150 gigs around the country as well as in Thailand and Indonesia, and they have no plans to stop just yet.

“We released our first Bahasa Malaysia single titled Jupiter and are currently in the middle of writing new material for our upcoming album,” adds bassist Naem, 25.

The boys work together to write their music and find inspiration in almost everything.

“We write songs about our lives, our surroundings, experiences and personal stuff. We turn our disappointments into music. But don’t worry, we’ll are going to write some happy songs soon – we have learned to be happy,” says guitarist Amber, 25.

Oh Chentaku does have many things to be happy about. They are getting good reception from their fans and have even made plans to go on a Malaysian tour soon. The band knows that with hard work, they will get what they set out to achieve – recognition.

“It is possible to make it as musicians in this country. One just has to understand the audiences’ taste and what the market wants. There are many great local bands who have realised that.

“We are not setting out to reach the impossible – we just want people to listen to our music. At the end of the day, we just want to be musicians,” says Myo.

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