If you were at The Gardens shopping centre yesterday, you have been all Gleeked out!

That’s because over 500 people were at the event which saw casual bystanders, fans of non-profit collective RandomAlphabets and participants sing, dance and get really excited to some songs made popular by the hit TV show Glee (which airs on StarWorld – Astro Channel 711 –¬† on Wednesdays at 9pm)! People from all ages and backgrounds were out in force – parents and their children included – to just have a good time. Some of the participants were not even born yet when songs like Proud Mary, made popular by Tina Turner, or when Freddie Mercury was still alive to sing Somebody to Love. Yet, this didn’t stop them from grooving and dancing with gusto.

Among the other songs that were played in the medley of four songs were Don’t Stop Believing, the theme song for the TV show as well as Kanye West’s Gold Digger.

Glee Flashmob Dance Kuala Lumpur

Hundreds of participants had memorised the dance steps from videos posted up on the Glee Flashmob Dance Kuala Lumpur website as well as got together several times over the past week to rehearse their moves. Most of the participants were recruited via social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

This is a YouTube video of the event taken by an onlooker:

“Of all the flashmobs that RandomAlphabets has organised over the past two years, this is the first one that uses dance,” said Zain HD, project manager for Random Alphabets. The collective was responsible for some of the more popular flashmobs in Kuala Lumpur including KL Freeze in Unison, KLX, World Pillow Fight Day Kuala Lumpur and Tali Tenang. It was also the organisers for the Merdeka Train Party, of which R.AGE was media partner.

Glee Flashmob Dance Kuala Lumpur

There were many surprised passers-by who were caught off guard when the intro to Don’t Stop Believing first came on and looked on eagerly. When a surprise second round happened – which even took organisers by surprise – they danced along imitating the dance moves they had watched just minutes before.


Glee Flashmob Dance Kuala Lumpur

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