No pants, just sarong

THERE was a time when “sarong” was the go-to outfit for many folks before it was ditched for pants, skirts and worse, the uncomfortably tight skinny jeans. Now, the time has come for everyone to make a statement. A fashion statement. RandomAlphabets (RA) is inviting you to drop your pants and pull up a sarong […]

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Fight for fun

By ZAIN HD LAST Saturday afternoon, 10 gun-wielding persons stormed a traffic jam on Jalan Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur, and engaged in a quick 30-second battle. Their arsenal of choice – water guns. I watched the battle unfold merely metres away, and was glad I was part of the team behind the latest RandomAlphabets […]

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Gleeks of Malaysia united!

If you were at The Gardens shopping centre yesterday, you have been all Gleeked out!

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Uniting in a flash

FLASH mobs, of late, have been getting some bad press.

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