Are you a big fan of award shows? Want to catch celebrities in all their glory? Well, you could turn on the television for one because The Golden Globes Awards is on now!

Currently, the red carpet show is showing on Star World (Astro Channel 711) but just in case you don’t have access to a television, you can always catch it on the web!

Ustream is actually showing the Live Carpet show live, and I’m embedding the video below for you.

Stream videos at Ustream

You can also visit the site to watch it here, as well as read the accompanying social stream where the site aggregates tweets talking about the event.

If the red carpet is not your thing, and you’re more interested in the awards show, head over to Collecta which is aggregating a whole load of data about the show live!

Yup, images, blog posts, tweets etc etc etc all here. Enjoy y’all!

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