FILM stars have had a few red carpet moments this year. Last weekend, our favourite music entertainers stepped out and showed us what they’ve got, fashion-wise.

Stars that walked the red carpet at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles did not disappoint. Although there weren’t too many “out-there” outfits (even Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj seemed a little mellow), there were several new and comeback trends to take note of.

Colours weren’t as vibrant as you’d expect, as most of the stars came in black, white or neutral tones, but check out some of the other trends that could make their way onto runways and into stores worldwide.

All black

Plenty of stars chose to walk the red carpet in “safe” black outfits, but it is not really a big surprise as black is a colour which complements all shapes, sizes and skin tones.

Rihanna's daring black dress.

Most of the black dresses came with a relatively high necklines (well, except for Rihanna’s). It was not about showing a lot of skin or drawing attention but more about subtle style, elegance and detailing.

Take Corinne Bailey Rae’s Christian Siriano gown, for example. The delightful black piece with a voluminous, textured skirt was the perfect blend of elegance and youthfulness, a trend which is said to rule the runways this year.

It’s so easy for black to be boring but it is still a colour to look out for this season.

Corrine Bailey Rae in a delightful Christian Siriano gown.

Glittery getups

Whoever said “Not all that glitters is gold” was probably not talking about fashion. This year’s Grammys proved that sparkles and glitter are the way to go.

The celebrities who wore glittery gowns to the awards show have breathed new life into the trend, proving that to make an impact in fashion, you have to go big or go home.

Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift each donned brilliant, sparkly gowns. While they were long and elegant, they were anything but dull – each were injected with some glam flavour with shiny sequins and gemstones.

Carrie Underwood's Gomez-Garcia gown was a perfect blend of class and flash with a high neckline and glittery stones all over.

Most of the best gowns were long with sleeves and were not too “experimental”, cut-wise (devoid of slits, oddly-shaped sleeves etc) but what made them stand out were the carefully crafted jewels sewn onto the dresses.

We’re so happy designers, celebrities and stylists have found a way to merge class with flash and we can’t wait until some of these designs make their way into our stores here.

Full coverage

It would appear the celebrities are going with a more covered-up approach to trends this season.

Instead of going big on cleavage, most of the stars (again, except Rihanna) had demure necklines and few exposed much of their skin for the big night out.

Taylor Swift chose a gown with a mandarin collar.

Mandarin collars, boatnecks and round-necklines were aplenty while sweetheart necklines, with exposed cleavage, were hardly seen.

It’s actually very refreshing to see stars stepping out of the whole strapless gown trend and experimenting with different necklines.


This isn’t a trend that is catching on fast, but it is definitely out there – Givenchy Fall/Winter couture collection last year included granny-panties (full coverage innerwear you probably wouldn’t be caught dead in), and the Kardashians have been spotted wearing them under sheer dresses and skirts.

We get that it would be totally unacceptable to wear thongs and even boxer-style panties under a sheer skirt, so, wearing full-coverage “granny panties” are a way of toning down the level of sexiness.

At the Grammys, Fergie attempted to make this trend work, but we are still unsure of her orange lace see-through Jean Paul Gaultier gown, paired with a black bra and black granny-panties.

Fergie wore a range lace dress, but forgot to put on a slip dress.

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