The best and worst of 2012?

Trust everyone had a hell of a gaming year. Well, I’ll have to say that there were plenty of highlights and a couple of unintended lowlights for me, gaming-wise. is a favorite website of mine. It’s pretty much the Wikipedia for all games – boardgames, deck-building games, living card games and even trading […]

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Grammy trends

FILM stars have had a few red carpet moments this year. Last weekend, our favourite music entertainers stepped out and showed us what they’ve got, fashion-wise. Stars that walked the red carpet at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles did not disappoint. Although there weren’t too many “out-there” outfits (even Lady Gaga and […]

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Fortress America remake!

We’ve just entered the year 2012, and another holiday season passes us.   2011 was another decent one, games-wise, with polished products being churned out for Magic: the Gathering and the World of Warcraft TCG (WoW TCG). Games companies such as Fantasy Flight Games continued to impress with a slew of awesome products, with Blood […]

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