We’ve just entered the year 2012, and another holiday season passes us.


2011 was another decent one, games-wise, with polished products being churned out for Magic: the Gathering and the World of Warcraft TCG (WoW TCG). Games companies such as Fantasy Flight Games continued to impress with a slew of awesome products, with Blood Bowl Team Manager: The Card Game being one of the year’s surprise hits.


New box art for the upcoming Fortress America remake from Fantasy Flight Games.

This year should see more interesting releases and products. Apart from the usual follow-up expansions and follow-ups to existing product lines, there should be a couple of gems to look out for.


FFG seems to be setting the pace for the other game companies, as they’ve already lined up a Star Wars card game AND a Star Wars miniatures tactical combat game, after scooping the vaunted rights to the lucrative franchise.


These gaming stalwarts are also remaking Fortress America, a classic Milton-Bradley / Avalon Hill strategy boardgame back in the 1980s, and Nexus Ops, which was recently done by Hasbro and Avalon Hill (just several years back).


Fortress America looks like it will be majorly overhauled – well, the first preview article from FFG gives little away, but let’s see what the finished product will look like eh?


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