So, Tiger Woods is not getting it on with his wifey apparently. Well, good for you Elin…who knows where Tiger’s wood has been!A source, who was just all too free to speak to Us Weekly, said that though Tiger is trying hard to get on his wife’s good side, Elin is still creeped out by him.

The source continued, “She’s still embarrassed. And they definitely have not been intimate yet.”


No sex tape!

Sandra Bullock is finally talking y’all. After weeks of keeping silent about her rocky marriage to cheater Jesse James, Sandra spoke out regarding rumours of a sex tape.

She gave an exclusive statement via People magazine, saying “There is no sex tape. There never has been one and there never will be one.”

But would you want to see a sex tape between Sandra and Jesse? Ermm…

Advocating abstinence

Teenage mom Bristol Palin (daughter of the infamous Sarah Palin) is telling teenagers to put a ring on it before deciding to have sex. Err, just in case you don’t get it, Bristol is telling the kids to wait for marriage before fornicating.

It may sound a little hypocritical, what with she holding her son Tripp while doing the PSA, but what the heck, Bristol seems to be the sorriest teen mom in USA.

Hopefully, Tripp doesn’t grow up to see just how much his mom thought that he’s her biggest mistake in life…

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