Sharm on the Scene checks in with what’s been going on in Tinseltown.

Back in trouble

Barely a few months out of rehab, and our favourite misbehaving star, Lindsay Lohan, is back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. LiLo is currently facing possible charges for stealing a necklace worth US$2,500, and could be sent to a state prison for three years if found guilty.

A jewellery store owner accused Lindsay of walking away with the necklace, which the actress was photographed wearing a few days prior to the news getting out. Upon hearing the accusation, Lindsay’s representative returned the necklace to the owner and the actress claims that she didn’t steal the jewellery but merely borrowed it for few days.

Lindsay insists that the owner knew that she had borrowed the jewellery and that this story was all fabricated to stain her already shaky reputation.

Sharm says: And what about when you were accused of stealing a US$11,000 mink coat in 2008, and a Rolex watch in 2010?


Uh-oh, Lea Michele is one sexy girl and that doesn’t sit well with parents across America. The Glee starlet is receiving backlashes for her Cosmopolitan magazine cover, which shows her wearing a low-cut top that reveals her decolletage.

Parents are crying foul over the picture saying that Lea, who plays an innocent school girl in the hit TV series, is sending the wrong message to teenage girls out there.

Well, Lea is no newbie to controversies. She was already in trouble for the risque photospread in GQ magazine last year, in which she posed in some provocative underwear with her Glee co-stars Diana Agron and Cory Montieth.

Sharm says: Well, that’s the problem of casting a 24-year-old to play a 16-year-old in high-school dramas. They are expected to be innocent little schoolgirls in real life as well!

Manic Sunday

While American football fans were enjoying the Super Bowl XLV finals between Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers last Sunday, others were glued to the screen to watch the performances and commercials in between.

Lea Michele who performed America the Beautiful managed to get through her piece without any mishaps although many say that the best act of the night definitely belonged to the Black Eyed Peas. The quartet gave an energetic performance, singing a medley of their hit songs throughout the decade and even bringing Usher and Slash to perform on stage.

Unfortunately, Christina Aguilera didn’t have an awesome time as she garnered the wrath of several patriotic Americans when she fumbled the lyrics to Star Spangled Banner.

Sharm says: But hey, at least that shows that Christina sang live in front of that huge crowd.

Baby Posh

OMG! There is a little fashionista in the making! If the rumours are true, then Victoria and David Beckham are indeed expecting the arrival of a little girl, who would grow up to fill some seriously, fashionable high-heels.

The Beckhams, who have announced that the fourth baby would be the last in their family, are reportedly over the moon with the news that Victoria is a carrying a future baby Posh Spice.

It is not a secret that although Victoria adores her three boys, she had always yearned for a girl to complete their family.

Sharm says: Can you imagine another baby that would be more fashionable that baby Posh Spice? I don’t think so.

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