Who hasn’t played or at least heard of Risk? The classic boardgame of world domination is one that still thrills yours truly, as many school holidays were spent battling and tussling for territories using wooden blocks and plenty of dice.

Fast forward to today: Risk seems like an expired, tired cliche that seems sordidly out-of-place in today’s world of video games, collectible and trading card games, and shiny new, exciting boardgames.

Well, I’m hoping that next year’s Risk Legacy, will change all that.

The basic premise in this latest redesign is, what if you could forever alter the game components, after each session?

Imagine tossing out a few components, and even crafting and inserting your own ones, after different games.

And, what if you could “rename” territories on the mapboard, using stickers?

Ah – now that I’ve gotten your interest, will you please help me appeal to Hasbro Malaysia, to bring this in already?

I found plenty of game info at Risk Legacy’s entry. Can’t wait to take the “world” (at least the living room version) by the storm again!

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