Just slightly more than a week ago, I finally dropped off my prized 12 Space Marine miniatures from the recently reissued Space Hulk boardgame, to a recommended painter.

You see, due to my lack of motivation at acquiring self-honed painting skills and an insistence on keeping the study clean meant that I was willing to part with a portion of my monthly salary to have my one dozen pieces of precious plastic painted by a professional.

(OK so I was lazy.)

And while that happened, months after I acquired the set (let’s just say I could have bought an entire box of Magic: the Gathering booster packs with the money I parted for Space Hulk), another Space Hulk game pops up courtesy of the Fantasy Flight Games folks.

Well folks, get ready for Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game this year!


These are early days yet, but expectations are high judging by the surprise announcement article!

Let’s throw out those preconceived notions about card games being uber expensive and ultra competitive. The new Space Hulk card game is cooperative – one to six players aim to best the evil and slimy Genestealers using the honourable Death Angel chapter of Imperium’s finest grunts, the Space Marines.

Yes, it works as a solo game too! Average game time is given as 30 to 60 minutes. The game is playable right out of the box, without any need for extra expansions / accessories.

Well, if the game takes off, that could very well change! But it’s good to have a game where everything is self-contained for a change.

Check out the additional game details, here. Try wiping the drool off your keyboard!

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