Chelsea are reportedly preparing a bid that would eclipse Cristiano Ronaldo’s value, and I think Torres is bound to leave now.

The press have suggested that Chelsea will cough up 40 million pounds plus THREE players in exchange to snag Fernando Torres.

While that is certainly enough to tempt Liverpool, especially when they could be bagging the likes of Joe Cole, Salomon Kalou, Deco and possibly even Nicolas Anelka and Ricardo Carvalho, I think Torres himself wouldn’t mind swapping the Reds for the Blues.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. No Champions League football

Fernando Torres is in my opinion the best striker in world football. He has it all – pace, acceleration, strength, skill, supreme finishing, excellent heading ability and most importantly, a goal-poacher’s instinct to rival the best.

A player like that needs Champions League football, and Torres himself will be all too aware of that.

2. Rafa Benitez

Rafa is a excellent coach. Let’s get that straight. He knows how to make teams play excellent pressing and passing football, as we witnessed in 2008/09 when Liverpool pushed Manchester United all the way for the EPL title.

But he is terrible at man management. Players like Jermaine Pennant, Robbie Keane, Alvaro Arbeloa, Xabi Alonso and Albert Riera have all left the club because of Rafa’s cold, calculative ways.

That's the smug grin of a man waiting to be sacked and compensated.

That's the smug grin of a man waiting to be sacked and compensated.

Torres wrote in his autobiography that when his teammates were congratulating him over the birth of his daughter, Rafa came up and commented on his positioning during a corner in the last game, like the lame kiasu kid in class that everyone hates.

Sir Alex Ferguson is infamous for fall-outs with his players too. But with Fergie, he ships off players whom he feels have over-stepped the line,  have off-pitch distractions, or undermined his authority. With Rafa’s fall-outs, it’s usually the players themselves who want to leave.

3. Liverpool need the money

The Merseysiders ownership issues continue to affect them financially, and were they to accept Chelsea’s (or Manchester City’s) bid, then there’d be nothing to stop Torres from leaving.

Of course, he’d have the perfect noble excuse for leaving too. I can already hear the press conference in my head: “I never wanted to leave Liverpool…  They were el sol of mi vida… But the club need the money… And I hate Rafa Benitez too…” You know, pretty much the usual whenever a player leaves Liverpool these days.

4. The “Spain Drain”

Javier Mascherano did his best to goad Liverpool into selling him to Barcelona by talking about how awful life in Scouse territory was.

In all fairness, Liverpool isn’t the best city for a rich footballer to spend his millions. I would know, I did a summer course there once. It’s awesome for students who wanna party, but apart from that, there’s really nothing much in the city. The whole Beatles thing is pretty over-rated too. Apart from Matthew Street, where The Cavern Club is, there’s really nothing much else for fans of the Fab Four.

So Mascherano was complaining that he had no fellow Argies to hang out with in Liverpool, so naturally he’s getting depressed and would rather be winning trophies by default with Barcelona.

But it’s even worse for Torres. Both Arbeloa and Alonso have left, meaning the only Spanish amigo he has left at the club apart from Pepe Reina is Rafa Benitez, who couldn’t give a toss about his daugther.

5. Playing for the champions

Chelsea won the double thanks to a rock solid spine consisting of Terry, Lampard and Drogba.

Chelsea won the double thanks to a rock solid spine consisting of Terry, Lampard and Drogba.

At Chelsea, Torres will also be playing for the English double champions. The Blues have an awe-inspiring array of talent, and will be challenging for titles as long as John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba are there.

The prospect of playing with them would surely tempt a player who has cut a frustrating figure when playing for Liverpool in recent months.

And I don’t think anybody bought that crap about him being a Liverpool fan when he first went to Anfield. He came to England because he wanted to win trophies, without having to join his beloved Atletico Madrid’s La Liga rivals. He will certainly win his fair share if he joined this Chelsea side.

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