Kudos to for spotting this: it seems that there will be a game that lets you experience how it really feels to be in a start-up company.


“Start-Up Fever – The Boardgame” is looking like one of those offbeat games that will sit well with the tech-heads and boardgame fans, as it looks like a straight compromise on both technology and some old school boardgaming.

Startup Fever

Startup Fever

Yup, that’s right – could not have written it better than this: the game “allows players to build imaginary product, hire and poach imaginary employees, gain imaginary users and generate imaginary revenue.”

If you had any idea how tenuous real-world start-ups are, then you’d be chuckling along like me! LOL!

Now, it seems the game’s designer Louis Perrochon is looking for sponsors to spiff up the end-product. In its current form, it does remind me of a typical Euro-style game.

Check out the YouTube video that demos the game: well, what do you think should improve the game? Looks like contributing enough, might even warrant a visit from the chief designer himself – I doubt he covers Malaysia though.

Only one way to find out!

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