Jennifer Lopez’s big booty sure served its purpose at the recent 2009 American Music Awards.

The singer attempted a big jump off one of her dancers’ back and fell flat on her bum-bum while performing her latest song Louboutins. Whoopsie!

Thank goodness Jenny was fast enough to recover from her fall and got back into the dance routine seamlessly.

But unfortunately, the camera caught the fall, and I’m sure we’d still be talking about it in years to come.

Check out the video of J.Lo bouncing off her ass at the AMAs. It happens around the 2:36 mark.

Uh, oh…the video has been removed y’all (wow, J.Lo’s peeps work pretty quickly!) Sorry. Nevertheless, it was a good one, trust me.


Sharm from the block (@sharmilanair me y’all!)

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