Ever had one of those moments where you discover an excellent buy at an awesome discount and the item is the last one in your size?I love that feeling – it’s like the planets and stars have aligned to point you in the exact direction of the cashier, and you’re moving as if in a trance.

Last week I had one of those ‘out of body’ experiences. I’ve been eyeing a pair of black shoes from one of my favourite stores for months but never even tried them on because they were over RM500.

Suddenly I noticed the exact pair had been moved down a few columns and were on sale for .. OMG RM150!!! Immediately I asked for my size and the guy was like ‘you’re in luck its the last pair in your size’ and went to fish out the other side to the pair.

He returned a little while later, looking sheepish, and announced that he couldn’t find the other side.

Obviously, I was irked. I mean, it was the LAST pair.

Mungkin hilang ” he said

Like any other customer, I asked him to check other outlets in the Klang Valley. He called, and tragically, that truly was the last pair, or should I say, piece.

Normally, I would never put the words ‘shopping’ and ‘woes’ in the same sentence but last Thursday was an exception.

Sometimes, you just need to blow off steam, and when something as disappointing as the above happens, what are you supposed to do?

No, I didn’t yell at the guy. But I said sarcastically “Kena curi ke?” a diss at their poor security.

He of course, giggled, and that was the end of it.

Have you ever had a similar experience? How did you react and what did the retail assistant say? How did they handle it?

I’m interested in all your painful shopping experiences! If retail therapy didn’t quite work out the way you wanted it to, this is just as good. Plus, it’s free! 🙂

A purple Aldo pair I got at 50% discount. BARGAIN!

A purple Aldo pair I got at 50% discount. BARGAIN!

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