Dress Code: The biting myth

  By VIVY YUSOF THE last person you’d expect lie to you is your mother. “Of course you will grow taller, sweetheart,” my mom would say, with sympathetic eyes followed by some loving hair-stroking. It’s been years since, and I am still seeing the world at the same level I did. So I found […]

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Buying trends

By NASA MARIA ENTABAN ONE of the highlights of Tan Yue Lyn’s career as a fashion merchandiser with Vincci+ came in the form of a compliment – from Harry Potter star Emma Watson. Yue Lyn’s sister, television personality Megan Tan wore a pair of Vincci+ ballerina flats to the London premiere of Harry Potter […]

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Made for walking?

I KNOW very few women who don’t own even a pair of high heels. This popular type of footwear has become (almost) every woman’s must-own.. and over the years the stilettos and platforms are just getting higher and higher. On Sunday, I wore a pair of 15.2cm (that’s six inches) heels to a friend’s wedding. […]

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The shoes have it!

THE holidays are over and predictably, many people would have put on a few extra kilos thanks to delicious Christmas spreads and New Year’s eve partying.

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Shoe styles

The Vincci+  peeps showed me a few great picks out of their spring/summer collection last week.

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Shopping woes

Ever had one of those moments where you discover an excellent buy at an awesome discount and the item is the last one in your size?

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