Today is gonna be an awesome day… Because I’ll be interviewing one of my footballing heroes – former Manchester United striker Andy Cole!

In my opinion, Cole has to be one of the most under-rated strikers to have played for Manchester United. He was quick, strong, intelligent and a proven goalscorer who was doing the business for United consistently during the club’s most successful era. AND, he’s second on the Premier League’s all-time goalscoring charts behind Alan Shearer.

But somehow, he always had his critics, especially from England fans who felt he wasn’t clinical enough in front of goal; but United fans have always valued his many other attributes, especially his worth to the team’s attacking, passing game with his intelligent link-up play up-front.

And today, I’ll get a 15 minute interview with him, thanks to my friends in charge of The Star‘s Football Every Day podcast!! (search for Football Every Day at I’ve been on quite a number of episodes this season.)

You see, I’ve been lucky enough to be given a spot on the weekly online show (yea, even though it’s called Football EVERY DAY) as a “pundit”, alongside the likes of Shebby Singh and the lovely *pauses for effect* Deborah Henry!!!

And now, they’re including me on an interview with Andy Cole! I’m really chuffed. Being a “pundit” on the show has been fun enough (Shebs is such an awesome dude), and now I’ll get to talk football with one of the most prolific strikers (the second most prolific, to be precise!) in EPL history.

This is totally up there with my interview with Rio Ferdinand, whose unofficial title as “best defender in the world” certainly had more credence back then before his horror season started.

Pretty sure my fellow ManUtd fans like and are getting jealous now =P (actually I put this line in just to get myself into the linking mode… nikicheong says as a blogger, it’s nice to link another friend’s blog.)

The whole interview is gonna be on video, so if you wanna see how the interview goes for me, check back on this space cos I’ll be uploading it here once it’s done in a day or two.

Wish me luck, people!

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