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Whoosh, another long weekend goes by, and once again I’m left wondering what I really did accomplish then.

While some of you will no doubt be already in a holiday mood (hey the Christmas decorations have gone up in the malls), let’s spare a thought for the hardworking ones that are finishing off their school/government exams.

Anyways, here’s a little something to chew on, for Magic: the Gathering die-hards and veterans: the final shot in Magic glory (and immortality) is at hand, as the Pro Tour Qualifiers for the San Diego, California leg, takes place this Sunday (6 December) at Eternal Magic, Dataran Millennium, Section 14, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

If you aim to be there, rest early on Saturday night, for the registration starts 9.30am. Format will be Sealed Deck, involving packs from the latest set, Zendikar. Top 8 finishers of the day will then square off in a booster draft.

The top reason to be numero uno in this, is the 1st place prizes which includes (drumroll optional) an invitation and a return airline ticket to San Diego, US or US$375 in cold hard dineros.

Second placed finisher will receive 24 Zendikar booster packs, while 3rd and 4th will each take home 12 packs. Booster pack prizes are also given to the fifth all the way to 32nd placed finisher – needless to say, the higher you finish, the more packs you take home.

Interested parties are advised to contact the tournament organizer, Michael Toh, at 012-260 8438, or email him at, for additional information.

So if you wanna be like Terry Soh (who’s done the country proud once again – check out QJ Wong’s Magic blog on this, which embeds the official Wizards’ tournament coverage, here,, then be there this Sunday!

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