Tiger Wood’s messy accident, Sienna Miller and Jude Law possible re-hook up, Pete Doherty belting out Nazi anthem…phew, it’s been a busy week alright!

A third party involved?

Uh-oh…news has it that there was an ‘other woman’ involved in Tiger Wood’s early morning car crash.

Gossip website x17online identifies the lady as Rachel Uchitel, who was also seen partying with Ryan Seacrest and Stephen Dorff earlier this year.

In a related news, Perez Hilton claims that Tiger’s private community neighbourhood has tightened its security. “Even people who live there are being told where they can and cannot go!!!”

What an idiot!

Pete Doherty sure proves that he doesn’t use his brain much (must be due to the drugs he takes).

The rocker thought it’d be awesome to sing a Nazi anthem during the on3 music festival in Munich, Germany! He sang a verse from Deutschlandlied, which translates to “Germany, Germany above anything, Above everything in the world.”

Needless to say, the crowd booed and Pete was escorted off stage. Dumba**!

Sparks fly again?

After numerous sightings of the former flames together, Sienna Miller and Jude Law are rumoured to be back as a couple.

When asked if there are any secret hook-ups  going on, this is what Sienna had to say:


Not on FB

If you’re interacting with Kate Walsh on Facebook, be warned that it’s not the Private Practice actress herself.

During the recent taping of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the actress revealed that her neighbours were under the impression that she was communicating with them through Facebook.

It wasn’t her because a. She’s not on Facebook and b. She’s not on Facebook. Silly impostors!

The talented Jonas

Nick Jonas is ready to break free from the balls and chains (Joe and Kevin) that have been holding him down for years!

The youngest in the trio is ready to go on tour with his side-project band, Nick Jonas and The Administration.

He tweeted this: “I am so excited to share this announcement I decided to tell you now! THE ADMINISTRATION & I ARE GOING ON TOUR IN JANUARY!”

End of the Jonas Brothers? Keep your fingers crossed (jk, jk!!)

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