My 'In' Crowd

My 'In' Crowd

Have you always wanted to hang with the ‘in’ crowd? To blow air kisses, act excited to see people you hardly know and leer in jealousy at models?

Well, that’s what I was doing last Friday at the launch of ‘Hanger’ – a brand spanking new fashion magazine. I wasn’t fabulous enough(yet) be have been invited personally, but my awesome friend Nadine brought us in for the fun.

To set the record straight, I am genuinely excited to see most people, especially the ones I’ve met at assignments and liked immensely but just haven’t had the chance to get to know them better. That night, I met several of those people, and very sincerely, gave them awesome compliments. (you know who you are!)

Veronica, Carol, Me and Nadine

Veronica, Carol, Me and Nadine

The look of the night was gladiator heels and other forms of ‘ganas’ looking black heels. Open toed pumps with lots of coverage, gladiators, oxfords OMG the club (Neo on Jalan Sultan Ismail) was full of fashionable people with beautiful shoes on! I am so going to buy a pair (waiting for Aldo to go on sale, as usual).

However the best part of the night was these two guys, Ming and Chris, who came in sky high heels paired with awesome outfits.

Ming  (left)

Ming (left)

Seriously, Ming was hawt! It wasn’t just the shoes, it was his whole persona! Here’s Chris:

Chris(left) and Sue Ann

Chris(left) and Sue Ann

I hope you can see them – Sue Ann too, is wearing a neat pair of heels!

That, people, is some serious confidence. While Chris and Ming were happy to just be there and be seen, they were even happier to be photographed. This goes to show you can Work It, as long as you’re confident and in love with your outfit.

Oh, about leering at models? Ah well..I’m sure very few can help but feel a wee bit jealous of the attention they attract. They don’t even have to do anything – just stand there and look pretty. Hence, my occasional leering 😛

But you know what? It doesn’t matter who I air kiss or photograph or shake hands with on a glamorous night, the best part of my life will always be my awesome friends – us complementing one another on our fabulous outfits, pointing out fashion faux pas and just having a great time 🙂

Now they, are my ‘in’ crowd.

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