HOUSE Officers, or doctors-in-training in Malaysia have been all over the news in the past few weeks. In response to the stories, our cover story last week touched on the challenges young doctors face.

We spoke to doctors currently going through their housemanship period in Government hospitals, medical students and doctors who have gone through the process before to find out what their jobscope is, what the working hours are like, and what keeps them going.

Last Friday we took the discussion to Twitter for our weekly #ragechat, and surprisingly, quite a number of doctors joined in to give their two sen. Here are some tweets from doctors, medical students and regular folk who took part in the discussion:

@johnkhor777: There will be oversupply of doctors in the near future. Slots for housemanship will be an issue 🙁

@AngryManokz: #doctors are coping up w lots of things. sometimes we forget they have lives too. oncalls are tiresome.

@AngryManokz: being a doctor is not like what it is in Grey’s Anatomy. trust me, it’s 24/7 studying and stress.

@ezlanmohsen: to be honest, medicine is not that difficult, if u like it. Passion is by far far more important than smart(ness)

@HazeemBorhan: I Just Had An Attraction With It…Anyway Its A Fitting Job Where You Can Give Back To The Community Directly.. 😀

@pualiping: I didn’t pursue my ambition to become doctor. can earn a lot but pressure is big and need to deal with life and death

@tcchip: Slog for 10 years in med school and govt hospital, then open a private practice. Preferably cosmetic surgery. Profit!

@Nashman: ahha too expensive, too long, takes Ammu years to recoup the study investment

@daudifah: i solute doctor even more! Keep up the good work, despite all the downside. same goes to doctor-will-be 🙂 and thank u!

@muzieryn: must find way 2 reduce burden on our docs, maybe IT advancements or something. sometimes # of docs isn’t just d answer!

@BellaEnveeus: yup,that’s why i dropped out of med school after the 1st hours too,i like big money instead..LOL!

@tcchip: And I don’t think Scrubs was an accurate portrayal of a medical intern’s life. 😛

@angain403: Tough? do ppl expect it 2 become easier? Diseases/viruses dont rest nor r they becoming easier 2 handle. docs juz hv 2 cope

@carmenc23: I might want to do medicine after college! But quite nervous that I might not be able to cope with the stress…

@rfanputra: not much since it’s my choice since the very beginning of my life..mybe coz i do love challenges

@keimelia: yupp .its probably the novelty of it all but everyone around me seems to love it too~

@finnickodairs: well yes, but I found out one of the crucial elements to get over this worry & stress is interest in the subject and I daresay

@keimelia: I feel if you go into it for the actual interest/desire,then it all becomes worth it!Only a 1st year but I thoroughly enjoy it

@angain403: They chose 2 bcome doctors and dealing with ppls lives isnt easy so i guess theres no 2ways about it. Its gonna be a difficult

Medical doctor @drvolcanoe popped in to the #ragechat to answer questions from our followers, talk about her experiences as a houseman, and give some advice and encouragement to young doctors:

@drvolcanoe: In medicine, we learn thrugh Apprenticeship – on the job training is the essense

@drvolcanoe: if u have the passion & determination…go for it! be prepared 4the worst, tat way life will be good

@drvolcanoe: true. we shud know wat we’re getting into b4 stepping in.and its lifelong learning. no shortcuts – human LIVES

@drvolcanoe: Once u’ve got ur feet in, PERSEVERE & complete ur HOship with goal to be a competent dr.treat e1 as own family

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