IN a move to encourage healthy living and fitness, the Health Ministry recently announced that they will be introducing a ‘no lift day’ in the ministry’s complexes, hospitals and health departments after the fasting month.

On that particular day, which will be held on a weekly basis, everyone will have to take the stairs – even if it’s to the 10th floor.

We took this discussion to Twitter to check out what our readers think of this move. Here’s what they had to say:

@RachieWongie: Why not? Tone those thunder thighs! ;D

@fetchmyrevolver: I always take the stairs because I’m too impatient to wait for the elevator. Lesser of two evils? Haha.

@imdjesha: I would go upto 6th floor. Then take the lift.

@behjianyuan: operators should only activate the lifts frm the 6th floor or further more. No going down lower than 6.

@vinceganvt: Lifts should have a pay-per-use policy. 20 cents per usage. With our kiamsiap mentality, confirm use stairs.

@muzieryn: malaysians have this “it’s there, why shouldn’t i use it?” mentality. even if it’s just to go up & down a floor.

@rezzabidayuh: Very troubling. Most Malaysians are either overweight/underweight, and it is embarrassing as it shows how unhealthy we are.

@Emily_crazybabe: YES I think it is ridiculous to wait for the lift just to go up 1 or 2 levels! @ruxyn

@roxytweets: I walk up six flights of stairs at work.

@muzieryn: i think it depends on the building. i used to work on the 34th floor. add in basement parking… that’s 36 floors to climb.

@vinceganvt: I would usually take the stairs to cover up my guilty conscience of skipping gym.

@suetkeit: its a good idea! Maybe people can loose a few pounds hahaha #ragechat

@marrasikon: d 1st place to implement the No Lift Day should be at every LRT station. Normally only 1 floor up/down. #ragechat #FitHealth

@DrS94: sure why not but aren’t lifts kinda important in hospitals where a doctor may have to rush to a patient?

@behjianyuan: operators should only activate the lifts frm the 6th floor or further more. No going down lower than 6.

@joelwuj: I take four flights of stairs everyday to reach my apartment unit.. Used to it! #ragecha

We also asked our tweeps what they thought were other campaigns or measures that should be introduced, and here are a few ideas:


@behjianyuan: raise the price of foods!! 😀

@Edmunndddnie: The gov should also make a car-free day! That would be cool. 🙂

@imdjesha: raise the price of junk food!

@elainegohyl: ban sugar in teh tarik!!!really hate the fact that the food is soooooooooooooooooooooo sweet n yet ppl say otherwise!!!

@iAjeerah: ban all fast food restaurant ! Muahahahaha 😀

@dowhyon: lol. Rather than ‘no lift day’, I’d prefer a no car day. As in just bicycle and your own two feet. 🙂

Tell us what you think!

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