IN our cover story last week, we highlighted the challenges former residents of shelter homes face when trying to make it on their own.

After “graduating” from an orphanage in Kuantan, Pahang at 18, Azrul worked at a fast food restaurant to support himself.

Determined to make a better life for himself, he saved money on his own till he could afford to enrol for a technical course. Even as he was studying, he would work odd jobs to make ends meet.

Now, Azrul is a senior factory technician. More significantly, he’s the founder of the J’KEB Malaysia network, a life support group for young people like himself – those struggling to make it in the real world after having spent their whole lives in shelter homes.

Azrul’s efforts inspired our #RAGEchat last week, where we talked about #movingforward – what are some of the challenges young people face, and what skills do they have to acquire to make it on their own?

@thestar_rage: What do you think is the biggest decision you have to make in life, and why?

@emelynemei: College/uni! Cause the real future starts from there D:

@iarrod: I chose my future over a relationship. No regrets, only sorry for d hurt I caused. D relationship & future r like 2 different worlds. I’d rather be a stubborn irongirl than a humble housewife.

@the_MarcusHeng: Well, I decided to go for BRATs! Otherwise, I wud be suffering in engineering course now rather than enjoyin mass comm! =D

@muzieryn: biggest decision? whether to renovate or not. just bought a house.

@thestar_rage: What factors do you consider when making a big decision?

@pforphyllis: reasons and consequences

@foojeanni: i’d definitely think abt how it’d affect my family and ppl who’re important to me and if it’s worth whatever i have to sacrifice.

@iarrod: based on the impact that the decision will have on the future.

@thestar_rage: What do u think are the practical living skills that young people should acquire?

@jnoathan: the ability to cook and probably proper money management?

@southpawwolf: How to be independent… and how to be street smart? And also social skills, of course.

@JingYingTeng: how to make money. Ka-cing, ka-ching. $$$

@christinelwj: social skills, financial education, soft skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

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