Have you heard of the term “Phone Stacking”? Well, it literally means stacking phones on top of one another (not until it falls, of course), which is a practice to encourage people to interact with one another without the distractions of cell phones, or smartphones to be more specific.

In our previous cover story, we talked about how the smartphone has affected how we interact with each other, and we are all guilty of allowing our smartphones to monopolise our attention.

Do you have friends who just can’t seem to get off their smartphones, whenever or wherever?

@peeciella: YES. I’m always hanging out with people like this lol. its like we hung out just to look at our phones lol

@plasticbag_: i’m one of those ‘friends’ HAHA.

@ruxyn: Yes. But I might be guilty of it myself :O

@BigBrianChoo: yes that sadly includes me

@Rachelroarsyou: Yes I actually know some people who can’t get their eyes off their phones for even one second!

@muzammil13: i blame my phone for me decreasing amount of times spent on books! Real books #Ragechat

@angain403: Irritating table habit. Just x have a decent convo with em over lunch. They just twiddle away with them smartphones

@tcchip: Yup, know some folks like that. So rude when people would rather tweet than talk.

Do you find that this ‘phone-omenon’ creates a communication barrier when you’re together with the people around you?

@ruxyn: nope not really. It is kinda annoying at times but we know when to stop.

@johnkhor777: Yes. Indeed. They should have dated their phone instead #LOL

@carmenblur: it shows that you’re not interested to be with the people around you. kinda rude and disrespectful, if you ask me.

@tcchip: Not for me. Unless it’s urgent or the company is unwanted, it’s always the person in front of me first before a call/sms.

@hannahcyanide: sometimes? but not all the time.

According to a survey, more than half of young ppl aged 16-22 would rather give up their sense of smell than to give up their smartphones! Would you rather give up your sense of smell than to give up on the technology of cell phones today?

@carmenblur: and not being able to smell durians or assam laksa? no way.

@ElleDarcy: Never in a million years! I’ll be damned if I can’t smell the sea water anymore!

@HeyItsStephy: No wayy. I love my smart phone but I rather smell the cakes baking in the oven 🙂 A smart phone can’t do that 😀

@fetchmyrevolver: nope. My smartphone can’t tell me if I’m being murdered though cyanide poisoning, my nose can.

@PURPLEstarstars: what’s d total point of life dat we lose our senses that God had given us juz 4 technologies of smartphones..?
How has smartphone and social media technology helped you socialise and interact better?

@muzammil13: actually my family has a whatsapp group and we would discuss about everything. sharing our problems etc. esp my bro in france

@ruxyn: ppl r more expressive.some do not have d chance 2speak up but wif social media, they can.Of cos,dere alwis 2 sides to a coin.

@ghostgal23: No, it makes communication awkward. we can talk “electronically” but then when we meet in person, we just can’t talk.

@LimAiYim: A person can’t do away w/ inter-personal hands-on social skills! You still need to connect, interact direct face to face talk

@fetchmyrevolver: get to actually TALK to my friends overseas. (Via skype and twitchat)

@Kyp_Lim: by practising debating skills on Twitter? 🙂

@chunheepy: it helps~~~ hahahha…like what i am doing now!^^ it helps me to open up my mind and interact MORE!

@janiceisamazayn: social media helps me contact my friends who are away and make new friends with the same interests 🙂 — Compiled by Kevin Tan

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