Last Friday was a day for celebrating women. In conjunction with International Women’s Day, the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) initiated the One Million Men. One Million Promises campaign, asking men to tweet a pledge of action in support of women. R.AGE joined in the International Women’s Day tweetathon to discuss how we perceive women.


How do you think women and girls are being stereotyped?

@___naddd: Well, some sectors and jobs are still male dominated (eg: the construction sector) and deemed unsuitable for women.

@awatifghapar: I’ve male counterparts who think that women nowadays are so competent that they put most responsibilties on women’s shoulders. These types of guys need to be led and told ‘Hey, we are in this together!’

@christinelwj: People think girls cannot be tough, manly and strong because they HAVE to be a girl – weak and silent.


Do you think music has an influence on gender stereotype?

@christinelwj: Yup. From a few MTVs they make women like sex objects and portray women as weak and feeble.
@___naddd: Yes, definitely. TV dramas and rap music in particular, though.

@ScaryTooth: Yeah obviously. Look at those rap music videos with over-exposed women and dancing poles.


How do you think this stereotype can change?

@christinelwj: It can change if only men learn how to respect women. Women must be strong – mentally and emotionally.

@FlapJacqs: Treat them like how i do everyday. With respect.

@kingofcuteness: I just tell them they’re beautiful. They need to be reminded.

@MohdHaffiszul: Respect. Only by respect it can be solved. Our differences will always be thesame. We can’t change it.

@iamliang: With a whole lotta respect. My family of 5 sisters would have it no other way, & neither would I.

@awatifghapar: Education on the mindset. Seems cliche but if we do not change the mindset, how do we achieve change through actions? I also believe that everyone must be nurtured to practise respect despite of their gender. 🙂

@syahredzan: That is what we have to change. To remind ppl that discrimination is unconstitutional.


Is it important for men to actively #RingTheBell to end gender violence and inequality? Why/why not?

@YogaSri7: I believe it is a shared responsibility in making the place we live in safe for all.

@andreachan94: Absolutely. Enough with the displacement of responsibility. The voice of dissent to gender inequality isn’t exclusive to women.

@banerjeeamit: The gender who practices the gender bias should play an active part in breakingthe shackles!

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