WE featured seven successful young individuals in our cover story last week, including CEOs and business owners,

The enterpreneurs and high flyers shared with us how they found success, but what we wanted to know from our Tweeples was how young people today define success.

So for last week’s #RAGEchat, it was all about #Success, #Goals and #RoleModels. Here’s how it went down:


What is your definition of success?

@pierreboobier: Accomplishing or reaching what you’d like to have achieved

@zeusboost: Subjective. to have lots of money, good job, good life, & married 🙂 no good have all that but lonely

@HazeemBorhan: Success is subjective..But for me success is being able to achieve what you thought was never possible…

@amuyo_tomoko: “Success”=Working on a task with own effort, and never give up when a person faces obstacles till there’s results!

@mamuvies: Living well enough to not feel old and jaded at 40.

@abcdEMB: having the chance to say ‘that was once a DREAM’ 🙂

@Tashairina: Success is being where you want to be doing what you love and being surrounded by the ppl you love.

@annabellybutton: Loving what you do and doing it well.


Who is your role model for success?

@Kathylynn85: @tonyfernandes 4 many reasons bt mostly his PASSION

@mamuvies: Duff McKagan, best known for his tenure in Guns N’ Roses. Now a musician, writer, and married to a swimsuit model

@HazeemBorhan: My Parents 😀 They just rock

@narrthine: those that go ahead doing what everyone else says isn’t possible. Those that break the routine we live in.

@syzulqahar: For me in designing and business, it would be JezmineZaidan. I totally adore her and it pushes me to start my own.

@mellvynm: Captain America. Also, my mum and dad.

@IBeRissaxx: People like Nick Vujicic


What are your goals and dreams in life?

@sulitracy: to be the best lawyer and run a top law firm in the country

@IBrRissaxx: becoming a motivational speaker 😀

@cuddyjah: I would like to study law at Cambridge, come back home and become an awesome lawyer and maybe become a politician

@mamuvies: No matter where I go, my heart keeps coming back to wanting to be a comic book writer.

@humzird: Study astronomy and become one of the Malaysian woman astronomers. It’s hard to find them these days..

@aomg_its_rin: Simply to be happy. I just want to be happy (:

@phyllishsy: after reading the cover story today, I felt like opening my own business too! Probably a cupcake business hehe

@lascoaxx: I’d like to be able to study overseas in an architectural/design course. That’s definitely a goal. — Compiled by Kevin Tan

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