YouTube sensation David Choi gave an excellent performance last Sunday.

YouTuber David Choi proved why he is everyone’s favourite Internet singing sensation.


YOUTUBE sensation David Choi performing live is a completely different experience from watching his videos online, as his Malaysian fans discovered on Sunday.

The crowd at the auditorium at Wisma Bentley, Petaling Jaya, Selangor was thrilled to hear him sing live and many fans sang along to the Internet sensation’s tunes. The 26-year-old, who hails from Anaheim, California but now resides in Los Angeles, uploaded his first video in 2005.

Today, he has over 900,000 subscribers and more than 10 million channel views, and his music is often used in videos of other famous YouTubers such as Kevjumba and Ryan Higa.

Choi embarked on his first tour in 2009, after releasing his first album, Only You. The singer of Korean descent kicked off his Malaysian concert with Underneath Your Love, followed by three acoustic numbers, declaring to the adoring crowd: “You guys make me so nervous!”

“Malaysia is definitely one of the most supportive countries I’ve been to, and wait for me, I’ll be back soon,” said Choi during the show.

The peak of the show came when Choi sang That Girl, his most well-known single off his second album By My Side, followed by Can’t Take This Away, This And That Is Life and Lucky Guy.

Fans were excited to see David Choi perform.

The crowd went hyper when Choi performed one of his latest hits Missing Piece. He also dedicated one of his love songs, By My Side, to all the fans who made it to his showcase.

“There was once that I almost cried while singing By My Side, because I just broke up and I couldn’t continue the song but my fans continued it for me. It was really touching.”

Choi has toured all over the world performing his original songs and covers to throngs of fans – all without being signed to a record label. “Touring is boring sometimes, when you have to be in a car or a plane for hours. But there is always something to do,” said Choi during the interview. “I get to meet cool and awesome people, try out good food, and most of all, share my music with my fans.”

The fans really lnow how to show their love for David Choi.

The singer also had wise words for aspiring performers who want to be just like him: Don’t do it. Sort of. “I wouldn’t tell anyone to be like me, I’d tell them to be like them,” he explained. “Just be yourself and do your best, and let’s hope people will like you.”

During the concert, Choi also told the crowd that he will be making a new music video soon with none other than his friends and famous YouTubers, Wong Fu Productions. “I love working with Wong Fu, they’re a bunch of cool people,” said Choi.

Well-known for covering songs by other artistes, Choi wrapped up the concert by doing a cover on one of his favourite songs, Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World. He ended the show by saying: “Thanks for the support and thanks for being here tonight with me, you guys were beautiful and I’ll miss you guys so much… and roti kaya.”


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