Magic: the Gathering’s Innistrad has been barely out for a month, and looks like there’s some interesting cards shaking up the tournament scene of late.

Everyone’s no doubt talking up the new Liliana, which is proving to be a real heavyweight, commanding up to RM160 a pop. Her ability to fill graveyards and then use cards such as Unburial Rites to combo with her, makes the planeswalker easily one of the hottest cards of the new horror-themed set.

Snapcaster Mage needs no further introduction. The card converts all your instants and sorceries into reusable cards, and is finding a home in many Blue-Black decks. RM80 for the dude? Get me four please!

The dual land cards are all commanding a fair bit of attention for now, but yours truly still thinks they’re a little high for now. But the humble Kessig Wolf Run is the utility rare land that’s making heads turn, as they are fueling the Green-Red Titan Ramp decks.

Acting as a cool finisher of duels makes it easily the most exciting land in the set, IMHO.

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