IT’S week two of our Learn to Cheer series! This week, coach Tan Yee Ming from Cheer Aspirations will be introducing a slightly simpler move. But don’t be fooled by how easy it looks on the photos – it’s still considered an intermediate stunt.

Watch a video of how the Kick Twist Basket Toss is done by logging on to the R.AGE YouTube channel ( or using our iSnap feature on this page.

And please, don’t try this stunt if you are not training with a qualified cheerleading coach, alright? We don’t want it to be a basket land.

Stunt name: Kick Twist Basket Toss
Level of difficulty: Intermediate
Step 1: Bases load up the flyer using a basket toss grip by holding each others’ wrists. The spotter supports the basket toss grip from below the bases’ hands.


Step 2: Bases and spotter dip with their legs and toss the flyer up in the air.

Step 3: As flyer hits the top of the toss, she kicks her right leg out, and then twists her hips to spin her body around.


Step 4: Once the flyer completes the kick and completes a full rotation on the spin, she assumes a normal cradle position and the bases and spotter catch the her in a cradle.

To watch our local secondary school cheerleaders perform this stunt and others live, come join us at the Cheer 2013 finals! It’ll take place on June 29 and 30 at the Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Admission to the event is free for everyone.

Cheer 2013 is organised by R.AGE and presented by MARIGOLD HL Low Fat Milk. The main sponsor is Silkygirl and the co-sponsor is Sugus. Red FM is the official radio station.
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